Magnolia Blanc Hair Perfume

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The Magnolia Blanc Hair Perfume was inspired by the heavenly scent of magnolia flowers, an aroma that leaves behind an irresistible trail of its floral notes. Our hair perfume is the perfect finishing touch to your fragrance routine.

Using regular body perfume containing chemicals and alcohol is harmful to your hair. The Magnolia Blanc Perfume uses no alcohol and instead, It's fused with Argan oil and accented with soothing blossoms of peony and magnolia flower, designed to nourish your hair. 

Our hair perfume leaves hair shiny and enveloped in the fresh and floral scent that captures your effortless charm. This lightweight hair perfume does not weigh hair down or make it feel sticky. It refreshes and nourishes your hair with instant shine.

-Spray evenly from an arm's length away onto dry hair.
-Give your hair a flip to emit the fresh scent.


-Our thoughtfully designed bottle prioritizes the lifestyle of our customers. Featuring a convenient, spill-proof lid, it ensures hassle-free travel. The compact size adds to its travel-friendly nature, making it an ideal companion for those on the go. 

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